A key ingredient in the Maynard “Full Service”, concept of business is its product engineering capability. The Maynard Engineering Department is well equipped with CAD tools to handle 3-D solid modeling of products and related solidification modeling of the parts, which is vital to the efficient production of quality castings.

Solidworks and Pro-Engineer CAD programs are used for solid modeling and Magma-soft is used for solidification simulations. We can handle PDF, HTML, GIF, TIFF, JPEG, DWG, DXF and BMP file formats communicated via high speed internet transfer, e-mail, or by mail on CD-ROM. Should the need arise to assist the customer with his Finite Element Analysis; FEA’s are subcontracted to outside engineering houses.

These tools are also used for value analysis activities at Maynard to assist customers in the conversion off expensive fabrications or part assemblies to cast products. Our engineering approach not only provides possible cost reduction opportunities for the customer, but may also provide weight reduction, manufacturing simplification, or reliability improvements.

The Maynard Pattern Shop is utilized to maintain foundry tooling and to make necessary engineering changes and repairs. Most new tooling is constructed by outside Pattern Shops to Maynard specifications.

Maynard’s capabilities include the use of Styrofoam patterns in its casting process. Where one-of-a-kind applications dictate, Styrofoam tooling offers an economical solution. Maynard uses Styrofoam patterns provided by the customer or can obtain them from approved outside shops.