Extensive heat treating facilities are available at Maynard for normalizing, quenching, tempering, annealing, and stress relieving operations. Equipment is controlled by modern instrumentation. Furnace charts can be provided to satisfy heat treat documentation requirements.

Six car bottom furnaces are available, ranging in size from 15ft long × 8ft wide × 4ft high to 24ft long × 13ft wide × 12ft high.

The tanks are:

  • 7,500 gallons, 13ft long × 6ft wide × 12ft deep
  • 38,000, gallons, 24ft long × 17ft wide × 15ft deep

Two free standing quench tanks are utilized, both with variable agitation and temperature controls.

In addition to Maynard’s own extensive heat treating capabilities, three outside contract heat treat shops are on our approved supplier list. These contractors are used for unique heat treating, size, or hardening requirements which are outside of our process scope.

Casting cleaning and finishing processes are capable of handling all castings produced. Five blast cleaning machines, some PLC controlled, are available. In addition, a directional blast machine is available for cleaning intricate cored passageways.