Maynard’s core business is the production of carbon and low alloy steel castings from 100 pounds to 60,000 pounds. Key to the ongoing success of the business is the flexibility of its processes and facilities.

Steel melting capabilities include four electric arc furnaces ranging in size from 10,000 pounds to 70,000 pounds. Furnaces are basic lined to facilitate steel refining and to enhance physical properties.

Pouring and molten metal treating is accomplished using bottom pour ladles ranging in size from 10,000 pounds to 80,000 pounds capacity. Larger castings are poured utilizing multiple ladles with a maximum pour weight achieved in excess of 120,000 pounds. The latest clean steel technology is utilized through the application of porous plug argon stirring and calcium, aluminum or titanium wire treatment.

Molds are prepared using both green sand and chemically bonded sand processes. Castings in smaller size ranges, typically 100 pounds to 2000 pounds, are produced in the green sand process on one of six molding centers. Chemically bonded molding processes are used for larger castings and selected smaller specialty castings where particular surface or dimensional requirements dictate. Ceramic tile gating systems and specialty facing sands are utilized extensively.

A wide variety of flask sizes are available to meet a broad range of casting needs. Flasks range in size from 24″ × 24″ through 192″ × 192″ and 120″ × 240″.

Core processes include oil sand, shell, -C02, and no-bake. A variety of core making machines and techniques is available to support the molding centers.